Paul Lawrence, President & Founder

Paul is not just a business and IT professional; he breaks all the stereotypes.

Yes, he’s got the technical training you’d expect from a senior, IT professional but his CV cites certification in business administration, IT Management and project management to make him equally balanced and prepared for tech-talk and corporate conversations.

Paul’s the IT guy you want to work with.

He’s easy and working with him is easy. Paul knows that IT services are not just about the technical; good IT services support the business of your business. Paul gets that IT downtime is profit downtime. At 4Nines IT, downtime is a four-letter world. With clients across North America, Paul runs on an International clock and respects that time is money.

Paul is a ‘relationship guy’.

Paul and his people want to know all about you, not just about your IT needs. For Paul, good business means the strategic direction of the company drives the IT requirements. It’s business first; then the IT solution.

Paul loves sports; real sports, not game console sports.

This Winnipeg-born boy is a diehard Flames fan and plays a mean game of shinny himself. An athlete and a music man, Paul is also a classical pianist and strums an impressive tune on acoustic guitar. His musical tastes reflect Paul’s thirst for all things interesting. If he invites you on a road trip, prepare for his mixtape including Volbeat (a Danish metal band), a little Taylor Swift, Chris de Burgh and Chopin.

Our Style

4Nines IT Group makes your business, our business. We build customized IT solutions based on a thorough understanding and audit of your business objectives, business needs, industry impacts and current market strength and conditions.

Our IT solutions are designed to help you maximize business opportunities, streamline IT processes and costs and protect and secure your information from intruders.

Our cost structure reflects the economic reality of each unique region we work in and the type of project we are supporting. In Alberta, our rates are based on the cost of oil; we do this so you get the services you want at a price you can afford and we get to work with smart clients on all kinds of projects.

Our communication style is rooted in regular, consistent and continuous communication with our clients. Our reporting structure is dictated by your communication needs and your schedule. The information-sharing process is determined by you and delivered by us. Communication is the epicentre of our business relationships.